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Template Library

Welcome to our Template Library where you can browse to find which one suits your business type and style.

Each template can be viewed by page to see how it will relate to your chosen Service Plan. See here for a Service Plan Guide.

Please remember that until a template is populated with your branding, photos and text it won’t feel exactly right. The Template Library is there to give you a feel for what your website will look like.

If this is all new to you and you need help or guidance, please get in touch with us.


Service Plans Explained

Bronze Service Plan

Our Bronze Service Plan provides a single home page that scrolls down through its information . This is known as a Scrolling Landing Page.

A Scrolling Landing Page website is perfect for a business that wants a web presence to provide basic information about itself and its products, show where it is located, how to get in touch and  enable the visitor to send an email message.

This Service Plan is great for businesses with a limited budget that are either small or starting up. Equally, if your business is established and a landing page ticks all the boxes, why pay more for your online presence?

Silver Service Plan

Our Silver Service Plan expands on the concept of a Scrolling Landing Page by providing additional pages where more space can be devoted to important topics such as About Us, Contact Us, Products/Services or Gallery of photographs.

Having more space available makes for an easier visitor experience. It could all be fitted on a Scrolling Landing Page, but it would be one long scroll to the bottom!

This Service Plan is great for an established business that wants to expand on the information offering to its visitors or even a smaller business with a lot of product photographs that need to be showcased on a dedicated gallery page.

Gold Service Plan

Our Gold Service Plan provides everything in the Silver Service Plan with the addition of a blog page.

A blog page is a much more interactive concept in that it is intended to be added to on a regular basis (Google loves new content).

The Gold Service Plan also allows you to add new new content on a more frequent basis such as gallery photographs and blog posts.

This Service Plan is great for a business who wants to engage a bit more with their viewing public.

E-Shop Add-on

Our E-Shop Add-on takes any of the Service Plans to the next level to become an e-commerce store.

Unlike a “brick & mortar” shop, an e-commerce store is not constrained by geography. With an e-commerce store you can literally offer your products for sale globally. Despite that, offering your products for sale online to local customers is still a great idea because it is creates the ultimate convenience for customers who don’t want to (or can’t) leave home.

This Service Plan is great for a business who wants to offer its products or services for sale online.